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SINAPSIS 2016 took place at The Henri Poincaré Institute in Paris, France. After World War I, French science had suffered great losses; it lacked resources and international contacts. It is in this context that mathematicians Émile Borel in France and David Birkhoff in the United States persuaded American and French sponsors (the Rockfeller Foundation and Edmond de Rothschild respectively) to fund the building of a center for lectures and international exchanges in mathematics and theoretical physics. Born in 1928, the Henri Poincaré Institute fostered Intellectual vibrancy thanks to its positioning as a hub of mathematical expertise. It was soon welcoming some of most prominent scientists, and witnessed the first modern seminars in mathematics, the creation of an institute of statistics, the birth of population biology and attempts at building a computer, regrettably interrupted by WWII.  Today, after some ups and downs, the IHP can pride itself on being one of the oldest and most dynamic international structures dedicated to mathematics and theoretical physics.

11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris, France

SINAPSIS 2016 • Paris
Program - SINAPSIS 2016
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