Sinapsis 2019
Encuentro de Científicos Peruanos en Europa

Prof. Koen Martens

Royal Belgian Institute of natural 

Sciences (Brussels, Belgium)




Prof. Koen Martens is Head of Research of the Royal Belgian Institute of natural Sciences (Brussels, Belgium), guest professor at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and invited professor at the University of Maringa (Brazil). His research interests are in aquatic ecology and evolutionary biology,
especially in the field of speciation in ancient lakes and the evolution of
asexual reproduction, and in the taxonomy and ecology of non-marine
Ostracoda (Crustacea). 

Author of c 200 ISI rated papers and of more than 500 additional titles. He is author or (co-) editor of 18 books. He has been (co-) PI of about 50 national and international projects, including several large EU projects. Koen has been Editor in Chief of Hydrobiologia (since 2003). He is co-founder and Editor in Chief of the Diamond Open Access “European Journal of Taxonomy” (since 2011).

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