Sinapsis 2019
Encuentro de Científicos Peruanos en Europa

Dr. Jeane Boden

Cultural Quantum

China Conduct

Establishing a cross-disciplinary, cross-national and cross-cultural network and cooperating in a balanced and efficient way that respects all stakeholders requires a common framework and method of cooperation. Such framework and method do not pop up automatically since people involved may have a different logic of organizing, communicating, expectations towards leadership, mentorship, ownership, work ethics, information-sharing, problem-solving, interpretations of agreements, and more. This lecture briefly introduces the Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method aimed at optimizing cross-context cooperation developed by Dr. Jeanne Boden.

Jeanne Boden has a PhD in Oriental Languages and Cultures and a Management degree from Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management. She is owner and director at ChinaConduct® Ltd and Cultural Quantum®. She spent many years of her life in Asia. Apart from deeply immersing in Asian societies with their very specific forms of corporate organization, leadership and management, her research focuses on cultures in general.

She has over 100 publications of which more than 10 books. She developed the Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method to help individual people and organizations in optimizing international and intercultural cooperation. She will introduce the concepts of meta-civilizations with pillars/pyramid model of cooperation.


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