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SINAPSIS* is the anual meeting of Peruvian scientists in Europe. It takes place in different cities around Europe. 


SINAPSIS gathers Peruvian researchers, scientists and engineers working in Europe. One of the main goals of SINAPSIS is to generate and strengthen Peruvian scientific networks in Europe and to encourage strong ties between them and the scientific community in Peru. In order to achieve these goals, SINAPSIS will display the different areas of research of the Peruvian scientific diaspora in Europe as well as that of International scientists whose work center around scientific problems in Peru. Importantly, SINAPSIS will exhibit the tools created by the Peruvian government to promote science in Peru, such as programs aimed at recruiting Peruvian and international scientists working abroad and various instruments designed to provide funding for international collaborations. 


We invite you to visit our website and learn more about our schedule, speakers and news.

*Sinapsis is a non-profit event.

See you in Gent!


The Organizing Committee 


SINAPSIS offers Keynote Lectures, Invited Speakers, Round Tables, Group Discussions, and a variety of network opportunities.

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